Brief History

JSSE was created in 2021/2022, during the pandemic triggered by COVID-19 across this world. It was idealized by a group of engineers of Federal University of São Paulo, in Santos-SP/Brazil; in the context that a high-qualified-public university must share scientific knowledge with the world. Moreover, in most of the world science is made with a public budget (Ex. In Brazil), therefore its results should be shared with society at no cost.

On the other hand, nowadays the world faces several problems (ex. climate change, poverty, pollution, etc.) therefore, the actions that lead to sustainable development (that helps to mitigate such problems) are highly required. This journal is dedicated to enabling such actions.

Finally, keeping in mind that most of the world is passing through economic crises and that this influences several aspects of society, science and education are affected as well. Therefore, science needs to be democratically shared with society without any restrictions.