Argentine political violence during state formation (1862-1880). An interpretative essay.


  • Laura Cucchi Universidad de Buenos Aires/CONICET



Violence was an important part of the nation building process in Argentina during the 19th century. From the wars of independence to the confrontations that erupted within and between the new nations, armed confrontations were frequent and played a key role in the new polity. Traditionally, Argentine historiography has considered uprisings to be disruptive actions that hampered the institutionalization of the political system outlined in the Constitution. Historians understood these forms of political mobilization as a part of minor power struggles between elites who through their behavior, perpetuated political instability and delayed state consolidation. Recent empirical local studies offer a different view of political violence in Argentina during state formation. This article reviews those studies and puts forward a guideline for a new global interpretation of the concept and practice of violence between national unification (1862) and the consolidation of the state (1880).


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Biografia do Autor

Laura Cucchi, Universidad de Buenos Aires/CONICET

Laura Cucchi is researcher of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) at the Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana ‘Dr. Emilio Ravignani’, University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in Argentina. She obtained a PhD in 2011 at the UBA where she teaches Argentine History and History of Argentine and Latin American Thought. Her main field of research is the political history of modern Argentina. She has published Antagonismo, legitimidad y poder político en Córdoba, 1877-1880 (Bahía Blanca, 2015); “Tensions between Congress and the Executive in 19th Century Argentina: Federal Intervention and Separation of Powers”, Parliaments, Estates and Representation Vol. 37, N°2 (Co-author with Ana L. Romero) and several articles in journals and collective volumes. She received the 2016 Emile Lousse Essay Prize, from the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions and the Professor Felix Weinberg 2013 Prize for Doctoral Thesis on Argentine History from the Center for Regional Studies "Professor Felix Weinberg", Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina.
Her current research project focuses on the circulation and adaptation of the United States’ constitutional doctrine in South America during the late 19th Century and particularly on its role in the organization of the Argentine political institutions during State- formation (1862-1880).




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Cucchi, L. (2020). Argentine political violence during state formation (1862-1880). An interpretative essay. Almanack, (23), 121–150.