Nietzsche e o carnaval:

um encontro fracassado?

  • Carlotta Santini Technische Universität (TU) – Berlim. Bolsista da Fundação Alexander von Humboldt.
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This article highlights the steps of what I called a missed encounter between Nietzsche and Carnival. The method used in this article allows us to compare a biographical and essentially chronological frame together with the accounts of two of the most important observers of the Carnival (especially the Roman Carnival) in the eighteenth and nineteenth century: Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Ferdinand Gregorovius. We will present here a parade of the carnivals in Nietzsche's life, which will take us to different Italian and European cities and we will ask about the many different issues related to the value of this festival.



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Santini, C. (2019). Nietzsche e o carnaval:. Revista Limiar, 4(8), 244-256.