Contributions to a post-colonial Roman Archaeology: linking Brazil and Britain


  • Richard Hingley University of Durham



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Richard Hingley, University of Durham

My research focuses on transforming knowledge of the Roman past, addressing:

  1. The archaeology of Britain in the Iron Age, Roman and Early Medieval periods. With a particular focus on landscapes, religion and the Roman frontiers (see current project 1).
  2. Post-Colonial and descendant archaeologies, with a particular focus on changing theory and practice in archaeology and heritage for the Iron Age and Roman periods (see current project 2).
  3. The archaeology of the Western Roman Empire, with a particular focus on the Frontiers of the Roman Empire (see current project 3).
  4. Genealogies of ‘Empire’ from classical Rome to the present day, with a current critical focus on the concept of globalisation in the context of neo-liberalism.
  5. The historiography or studies of imperial Rome and the reception of Roman models in post-Roman contexts (especially since the Renaissance.

 Current projects


  1. A biography of Roman London. My substantial monograph is now with the printers for publication in Summer 2018. This explores the archaeological evidence for Londinium from the Iron Age to the early medieval periods and setting this city in the context of the province of Britannia and the empire. This book provides a substantial new assessment that focuses in particular on the transformation of meanings of the landscape through time and the peopling and boundaryscapes of the city.
  2. Iron Age and Roman Heritages. A major three-year AHRC-funded project focused in Durham (Anthropology and Archaeology) and UCL (Archaeology) commenced in the summer of 2016. This is exploring the variable meanings of the Iron Age and Roman pasts across Britain and the European context of ideas derived from these periods of the past. I have been writing the first half of a monograph derived from this project and aim to complete this volume by Autumn 2018.
  3. The Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site. This theme builds on previous work that addressed the after-life of Hadrian’s Wall (see R. Hingley 2012, Hadrian’s Wall: a life). I am now pursuing the variable meanings and roles of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire in the context of current discussions about bordering and mobilities across Europe and beyond.

I am interested in supervising postgraduate students in topics related to the archaeology of Roman and Iron Age Britain and Spain, heritage, theory and historiography.




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Hingley, R. (2018). Contributions to a post-colonial Roman Archaeology: linking Brazil and Britain. Heródoto: Revista Do Grupo De Estudos E Pesquisas Sobre a Antiguidade Clássica E Suas Conexões Afro-asiáticas, 2(2), 114–122.



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